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Student Seminar Series

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SSS 2:- Talk on "How Hackers Think"
by Mr. Abhinav Das
Speaker Profile 
New Venue: 

New Auditorium, 2A block 

Date: August 26, 2016 (Friday)

Time: 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Content of Seminar

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Introduction :

Student Seminar Series - IEEE Student Branch Manipal Univeristy JaipurMUJ’s IEEE Student Branch is starting the Student Seminar Series (SSS) in this semester. The SSS initiative is an open platform where any student of the university can easily share their knowledge with their peers. It allows students to conduct seminars, workshops, and demonstrations, emphasizing an informal and interactive tone. Its goal is to propagate a culture of technical discussion, exchange, and collaboration at MUJ.

Many of you have knowledge or experience of interesting subjects not covered in the classroom, whether it be through internships, courses outside the university, or independent study. SSS makes it easy for you to share your knowledge with other interested students, while gaining the valuable skill of explaining technical concepts to an unfamiliar audience. Both speakers and attendees will get to learn in a friendly atmosphere, as well as collaborate with peers who have similar interests.

Benefits for Speakers :

  1. You will get to experience teaching and giving a technical talk.
  2. You will learn to explain new technical concepts in terms that are understandable to a beginner audience. This is a very valuable professional skill in any technical job.
  3. Through teaching, you will strengthen and deepen your own understanding of the topic.
  4. You may find people to collaborate on projects with.
  5. A seminar looks great on your CV!
  6. You will earn a certificate from the IEEE Student Branch, MUJ.
  7. You will get an IEEE platform to explore yourself.

Benefits for Attendees :

  1. You will learn about the latest technologies, research, and trends, both professional and academic. Being well-informed on your field is a huge plus during interviews.
  2. You have a chance to build your knowledge of topics outside your area of study.
  3. You will interact with others while learning in an enjoyable and informal manner.
  4. You may find people to collaborate on projects with.
  5. You will get a certificate from the IEEE Student Branch, MUJ.
  6. You will be a part of the seminar which will be reviewed by IEEE SB Team.

 Rules for Speakers :

  1. Download the draft of the  abstract from the link : Click Here and send this  to <>, explaining a bit about your topic, what you would be covering, and the earliest date on which you can conduct the seminar.
  2. Once you get an okay from us, you can start preparing the teaching material (such as presentations or videos) that you will be using. This must also be sent to us well in advance, so plan accordingly.
  3. The session must be of at least 45-60 minutes, however you can ask for up to 2-3 hours in case of hands-on workshops.
  4. The committee will review your material, and you may also be called for a short dry-run. We may suggest improvements if needed. Your proposal is liable for rejection if the material is of insufficient quality. Please be prompt in communicating with us during this process.
  5. You will finally be allotted a date, time, and classroom. The allotment may be delayed depending on the number of slots we have available.
  6. We will notify all students about your seminar.
  7. If you need volunteers or assistants, you are welcome to bring your friends to help. We may also consider providing a member of our team.
  8. Your goal should be to enlighten your peers about out-of-syllabus topics that you have experience or knowledge of, and present it in an engaging manner.
  9. Successfully conducting a seminar will earn you a certificate.
Topics can be anything to do with science, technology, engineering, development, and other related fields. The focus does not necessarily need to be academic. A few examples are:
  • Demonstrating a technology out of the scope of your syllabus, which is popular in the industry.
  • Explaining a research paper relevant to current coursework.
  • Teaching the basics of a programming language or framework.
  • Summarizing the latest developments in your field, and their impacts.
You can conduct the seminar as a talk, a demonstration, or a workshop. Preferably, the tone should be informal.

Rules for Attendees :

  1. If you are interested, you can freely attend any seminar, regardless of your area of study.
  2. You are simply requested to be respectful towards the speaker and other attendees.
  3. To get the best out of it, be an active and vocal participant in the seminar.
  4. If a workshop requires participants to bring laptops, it will be specified in the notifying mail. You may also be required to install certain software. Since time will be limited during the seminar, please make sure to have it installed beforehand.

                                                     Contact :

        Kritima                                Ayush                                   Samarth
+91 7073841142                 +91 8290733521                    +91 7073353623

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